Cpracsis - Center for performance research and cultural studies in South Asia

'Re' Presenting Comics: Transgressions in Media and Culture

21 & 22 March 2009, Thrissur, Kerala, India
Body Space

Of late, the study of Comics(Comic strips, Cartoons and Graphic Novels) once relegated to the realm of Low Art has been attracting a lot of attention from academia all over the world with its production, dissemination and reception being considered as valid and major forms of cultural exchange and signifying processes. The conference attempted to cover the following topics:

• Comics as cultural and social signifiers
• The conditions of its production, distribution and reception
• Status of the Comic artist
• Comics and its socio-historical context
• The rise of Graphic Novels
• Comics and Graphic Novels as personal historiography
• Comics as learning tool
• Comics and fandom
• Comics and Films
• Asian and Indian comics
• Evolution and the growth of Comics
• Comics and Sexuality
• Web Comics
• Gender and Comics
• Comics and other visual arts
• Graphics and animation

KEY NOTE: Dr John A. Lent (Temple University) Editor, IJOCA

Conference Coordinator: T.G.Gokul

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