Cpracsis - Center for performance research and cultural studies in South Asia

Body, Space and Technology in Performance

15 & 16 January 2010
Body Space

The practice of theatre in twenty first century envisages radical interventions into the conceptualizations of performing bodies and performance spaces. ‘Technology’ in a broader and intensely philosophical sense has a pivotal role in organizing performing bodies and defining performance spaces in almost all contemporary theatre forms and traditions. The international theatre conference interrogated the complex interrelationship between performing bodies and performance spaces in theatre in our time. It also located technology within the purview of ‘performance’ and to interpret the practice of theatre in the context of technologies of self. In a nutshell, this international conference attempts to address questions of bodies in performance, performance spaces and technology and performance in all theatre forms and approaches such as contemporary performance art, classical theatres, folk performances, solo performances, community based theatres, puppetry, theatres of diaspora, political theaters, feminist and queer performances, dance and multimedia performances. Theatres in Asia in the context of technology and performance practice was the thrust area of the conference.

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